About Tex Shipping

We wish every experience with us to be unique.

Tex shipping's founders bring several years of learning and expertise on international logistics to the table, always aiming to exceed our customer's expectations. Our goal is to face the challenges imposed by the market, and seek new horizons for our partners.

Based on these premises, our search for quality and self-improvement as a company are steadfast, in order to be among the best options in the market.


Market Analysis

Our team is specialized on finding the best logistics options in the market, in order to meet and exceed our customer's expectation.

Best Strategies

Years of experience pave the way for our staff to find the best option out of several possible strategies.


Always focused on our customer's urgency, we seek the fastest route, with the best rates.

Tex Shipping aspires to make every experience feel like a special one. That being said, our team is focused on finding the best solutions for the customer's needs. We have a heavily experienced team who will be glad to assist you in every step of the way. Counting on a vast network of international stakeholders, and close relations with the best shipping lines, we are ready to surprise you with a high-quality service.

Given the never-ending urgency of air shipments, we focus on acting fast on finding, and executing, the best solution to our customers. Aligned with our expertise and commitment, our team is prepared to act fast to solve any problems faced by them.

As an important extension from the international shipments, the truck shipping staff is ready to provide you with the confidence and traceability your cargo needs. With high-end technology systems we assure a smooth and safe transportation, we assure you the cargo will be delivered with safety to its destination.

Provide customized logistics solutions for our customers, acting in an ethical and proactive manner, with precision, reliability and in the relentless search for our partners' satisfaction and respect.

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To be recognized by its customers and partners as a solid, fair, ethical and efficient company, focused on creating an environment headed to the personal & professional growth of our team and the feeling of exceeding expectations in the international transport and logistics market of loads.

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